Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rescue and Lens - log-me-in

Here's an obvious XO.

Rescue, by LogMeIn. Their app called, LENS, has a function that speaks to me of advancing technology toward the bringing forth of the beast and his mark.

The following image is clipped from their website, with the addition of the explanatory images I added at the lower left.

2 Thessalonians 2... the multimedia hoax - portal opening windows through time.

Remote viewing, with the opened Eye of Horus...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ant-Man - More Marvel / Disney Evil

In Ant-Man, the Cross Technologies company had dangerous technology altering the physics of biology that they intended to sell to HYDRA, the evil organization that is so central in the Marvel universe.

The logo of Cross Technologies worthy of note. First, the implications of Cross - crucifixion - messianic - Antichrist.

It's a big time XO graphic as the basic design is a circle with a couple of X shapes intersecting in the middle.

The word, Cross, combines with the circular graphic for a CROSS circle.

Three circles signals. 666 (dot plus 2 that are implied by larger C ring segments)

The XO is claimed to be a symbol of the mark of the beast, and the 666 is famously identified with the beast and his mark in Revelation 13:18.

There's 666 triple O (as O is 1+5=6) produced in the vertical lining up of the O in TechnOlogies with the O in CrOss and the round O graphic.

The 2 C shapes (rotated and concentric) - Code 33.

The 8 spoked wheel design presents the 8 point star of Inanna, the goddess. Her celestial throne is established in the union of the X and O, supernaturally, according to the influential OTO.

This logo also produces the time numbers 12 (arc sections) plus one more element (circle) for the mastery of time and space-time - 13.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn.

The mirroring of the sun god's name is magical. Literally.

This is kind of subtle, but once you see the valley sweeping the arc behind the person making the cross, well, there it is. XO MOB.

The return of Ra - reborn in an incarnation as the beast. He, by any name, is always presented as the HERO.