Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Decoding Ascending Man as Beast from the Abyss

Lulu is a popular self-publishing platform, distributor, and retailer for online e-books and print.
In slang, the word, Lulu, means: A remarkable person, object, or idea.

Let the brand imagery inform you about just what it is that's considered to be remarkable.

Decoding Ascending Man as Beast from the Abyss

What does their brand imagery tell us about what they believe is so remarkable? Bottom line, it's what's written in the perennial bestelling publication, the Bible, about the beast that the Apostle John saw in a vision. He saw the beast rising from the sea, the watery Abyss.

Code 666, 66 and 33.
Squaring the Circle.
Ordo Templi Orientis
The man emerging from a manhole, the 66 Abyss, as the 666 Beast.

There's some VERY TIMELY insight in an ad you may find familiar at the end of the video.

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