Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shazam: Thinking out Loud + Uptown Funk = XO

Shazam, is a very popular app that is used to discover what song you happen to be hearing. The microphone on your phone or tablet transmits what you're hearing to their server, where it's compared with the digitized audio in their database. Info about the match, if found, is sent back to your device. It's a brilliant system. In December of 2013, Shazam was one of the top ten apps in the world. To date, more than 15 billion songs have been “Shazamed,” a word that has made it into popular vocabulary.

The company tracks the statistics, of course, and email to subscribers their “Most Shazamed...” lists. Look at the imagery for #1 and #2 in their most recent emailing.

You understand about the X O imagery, right? Whether the X and O are superimposed or associated together in some other way, it's the signal for the beast and his mark. How does that happen? There's a spirit behind the Shazaming user base, pneuma antichristo.

Here's a screenshot of their current home page, on Super Bowl Sunday. (BTW - it's a Ritual Day - on the eve of Groundhog Day / Candlemas, celebrated by the dark Occult with blood sacrifice and Satanic Revels.)

The O of Uptown Funk cover art is itself a 666 (triple O) symbol. Have you seen the official music video for #3, Take me to Church, by Hozier? In a world where the culture is always yammering about how everyone must respectfully tolerate the beliefs of all others, how is this one so beloved? There's a disconnect. Mind control programming, at work. See what they do and let that override what these hypocrites tell you. They lie. And, if that's not offensive enough, the title of #4, well, we "Urban Dictionary"ed it. 2014 was declared by some to be the “year of the rear,” and Nicki Minaj, of “Anaconda” fame, continues taking the foul behaviors mainstream with further perversion.

Again, what's up with all that, and the XO leading the way? Pneuma Antichristo - behind the 666 MOB, in the hearts and minds of Shazam app users.

Decoding the Shazam logo:

A pair of letters C where C=3 is Code 33. Closing the circles implied by the arcs and we have 2 crossed circles, XO MOB. The circumference of one passing through the center of the other creates the classic vesica piscis, the stylized fish and secret phallus of Osiris that Isis used to generate Horus. Those two circles add to the outer third to make another triple O (15 ~ 1+5=6) 666.

The nesting Cs suggest a 69, the double digit number for the mark of beast transformation. This can be interpreted as an opposed pair of 6s, a 66 - the watery blue Abyss.

The pair of C's frame the S for, Shazam, in the negative space. Serpent Eye - Horus Eye. Mitosis, cellular reproduction? Also, the characters look like nested letters u and n (like T-Mobile Unleash) U and N, when Z=1, substitute cipher convert to 6 and 13, the special goddess pairing. They present as arch portal shapes with a spin dynamic. NU ~ Nu - Nu-Isis, according to the OTO, arises from the union of the X and O from out of the Abyss.

Shazam is a magic word, an acronym used to command the transformation of a mortal boy into a superhuman with the power of the ancient gods. Note the reference to the Canaanites, giants of the seed of the Nachash.

Five Magic Word Origins

“This magical phrase was first introduced in 1940, in Whiz Comics no. 2., the first appearance of Captain Marvel in the DC Universe. Shazam was the name of the 3000 year old wizard that undertook the poor orphan, Billy Batson, under his wings, and transformed him into Captain Marvel using his extraordinary powers of magic, so that he could fight Nazis, mad scientists, Ancient Egyptians, and the devil. The premise, as stated in Whiz Comics, is “When Billy Batson speaks the name of an ancient wizard, he is magically transformed from boy to man—the world’s mightiest mortal!” The name is an acronym for all of the ancient powers that influence those bestowed with the ability of Shazam; Captain Marvel, his cohort/ partner / adopted sister, Mary Marvel, and the super villain of the series, Black Adam. These elders are, respectively:

For Captain Marvel: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, Mercury
For Mary Marvel: Selena, Hippolyta, Ariadne, Zephyrus, Aurora, and Minerva
For Black Adam: Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, Mehen

Shazam, himself, actually has a separate magic word, apart from his name. He was, according to World’s Finest Comics #262, himself a champion in the time of Canaan, 5000 years ago, who had to invoke the magic term “Vlarem!” (Voldar, Lumian, Arel, Ribalvei, Elbiam, Marzosh) to activate his own powers. Today, the term has become an introductory statement to any out there story we should be telling, like the big reveal (i.e. I was totally going to do my paper but I started writing this article and SHAZAM! There went three hours.) ”

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