Friday, March 27, 2015

More Mark of the Beast Imagery in "Christian" Logos

The "C" and "O" in the word focus cross for a crossed circle MOB signal, and the intertwining boundaries of the "C" and "O" form an implied "X" making an XO Mark of the Beast image as well. There are three people implied in the image with the toddler in the middle, making for a 666 signal.

The outer blue circle and the inner white portion of the circle combine with the circular sun for a triple-O 666 MOB image. The image of the person inside the circle with the outstretched arms and legs forms and X to go along with the circle for an XO MOB image. The lower case "L" in the word plan can be seen as a letter "I" that is dotted with the large circle containing the sun for a double-layered Eye of Horus signal as well.

The Global Day of Prayer image features several different MOB signals. The "G" in global is a TO MOB image by itself, and it is also positioned on the edge of the circle for an added layer. The two "L's" in global can be viewed as upside down "T's" on either edge of the circle making two more TO MOB images. The "T" in the word the inside the "O" in global forms yet another TO Mark of the Beast signal. The rays of the sun going through the circle form many XO MOB signals and there are also three "RA" signals being illustrated as well with the "R" in prayer combining with the "A" in day, the "ra" in the word prayer and the "er" in prayer forming a backwards RE signal. The man with the outstretched arms parallel to the ground forms yet another T for a TO MOB image when combined with the circle. Lastly, the man's head crosses the sun circle forming yet another Mark of the Beast image.

The raised arms on the individuals form an implied X and the circle shape for heads combine for an XO MOB image. The two V shaped images side-by-side form what appears to be a "W" which could be interpreted as a Vav Vav Vav 666 signal. The two lower case "T's" in the word translators form two TO Mark of the Beast image as well. There is also a very subtle and very clever 666 signal presented as the designers of this logo make a 6 out of the lower case "b" in the word Bible and the two lower case "a's" in the word translators. Busted!

Very similar to the Wycliffe logo this image forms and XO Mark of the Beast signal with the implied X of the raised amrs combined with the circle head. Another XO MOB image is made with the implied X crossing through the circcle going around the image. One could make an argument for a triple-O style 666 image being made out of the 3 periods used immediately preceding the tagl ine "a community of hope." The Beast will use his mark to create a community indeed!

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