Saturday, July 11, 2015

Decoding Panera Bread

The popular Panera Bread branding is Occult.

Did you ever notice how 666 is marked on the loaf held by the woman with flowing hair, and emphasized as a 6 by the curling outline?

Panera Bread. Acronym: PB. The Occult gematria: P=16 and B=2. 16+2=18 and 18 = 6+6+6.

There's more going on than just that. In the image above, the use of the registered trademark symbol calls out that loaf as an all-seeing Eye of Re, aka Ra. See the RE of BREAD inside the eye-shaped oval. That's the sun god. The registered trademark symbol is the darkened eye of Horus that pairs with the bright and seeing Eye of Re or Horus. It's called Harmerty, or “Horus who rules with two eyes.” (See Series Links: See, it's the "i" of Horus!)

The naming of Ra is emphasized by how they leave the guide lines for the lettering in some of their images. Instead of “Pa” in Panera you can see how the guide lines supply a subtle leg that transforms the P into an R, and connects it to the a. Ra. If you count up the instances of Ra and Re and their mirrors, there's 4, and if you include those found more remotely linking across Panera and Bread there are a couple more. Given the Occult signaling context, it should be seen that the god named Pan is also named, which is simply another alias for the same god.

The woman holding the bread isn't just a woman in a very strong breeze. She's a goddess. It's not uncommon for bakeries that feature their breads to be named Ceres because she's the Roman goddess of grains and bread. Her Greek identity is Demeter, who is also the goddess of the underworld. The three bold lines of her hair identify her as the triple goddess; Maiden, Mother and Crone. The spiral is a goddess symbol, which explains the flourish by the bread. The flourish also carries the form that identifies Nike, who awarded the victors who performed in the PANathenaic Stadium. If you research the accounts of the ancient gods and goddesses enough you'll eventually reach the conclusion that these goddess identities resolve to the familiar names of Isis, Inanna / Ishtar and the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven. The Panera Bread goddess is not really very different from the Starbucks brands goddess.

In the good works department, at least some Panera Bread franchises sponsor a student essay program called the Panera Bread Rising Above Award. This is one of the promotional images. Rising Above. RA. The Panera Bread RA Award. Honoring Teachers. HT. The letter H is a double tau cross, and the T is a third tau cross.As a triple cross, it transforms to 666 through the X as 6 conversion. The Triple Tau is what they call the Masonic Royal Arch symbol. It's also the mark that appears in the Ra honoring Jesuit IHS / SHI+T Horus Eye golden sun idol. The apple is a goddess symbol, and the IHS and Royal Arch followers do worship the goddess.

If you haven't noticed yet, what looks like bites out of the apple is a butt. You might see the loaf coming out of the butt as one thing, but see it also as the phallus in a graphic representing ritual sodomy. It's the ascension of Kundalini resulting in the illumination of third third eye that is signaled as the meaning of “Rising Above.” Like with the ubiquitous Apple branding (and Angry Orchard's), the bite out of the apple is linked to the Sleeping Beauty story and the witch's poison spell that put her into a trance. Since this RA award is for academic excellence, we can hardly avoid the connection with the fruit of the Tree of KNOWLEDGE of Good and Evil. Recall Adam and Eve in the garden, they ate of the fruit and their eyes were opened. Do you know the act involved 'ritual' sodomy, and that Eve conceived Cain with the Nachash?

The stylized letter P in Panera where the ascender emerges as from behind the swirling arc calls it out as an XO MOB symbol. Tau cross, crossed by the encircling swirl.

Ron Shaich is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board. He says, “In 1998, as we built out St. Louis Bread, we made the decision to change the name to Panera, a word that has roots in "breadbasket" in Latin.”

He's right about the word, Panera. Wiktionary: “From Vulgar Latin panaria, from Latin panarium, from panis (“bread”).” Consider this. The French word for bread, is: pain. Here's an intresting and similar Greek word used in the Bible. Strongs #4190: ponerós (an adjective which is also used substantively, derived from 4192 /pónos, "pain, laborious trouble") – properly, pain-ridden, emphasizing the inevitable agonies (misery) that always go with evil. Given the Occult signaling of the branding graphics, this connection makes sense.

As a place to eat when on I'm the road, I like the place. But it's good to see what we're looking at with eyes that see, and remember with gratitude that this world is not our home.


  1. The Panera Bread Goddess is holding the loaf of bread like a mother holding a newborn baby wrapped in blankets. The squiggly contour lines on the loaf of bread infer the beast number 666.

  2. "Artistic" writes:

    "I disagree. Despite what you think you're seeing or not seeing, this logo was created by a family member without any magical or mythical inferences. Rather, his art was inspired by Picasso. He admired the loose, sweeping, cylilinear shape Picasso used in his work, Woman With Yellow Hair and adopted a similar style. Perhaps this piece is what inspired the logo design of a woman (breadmaker) simply embracing and sharing her love of baking (fresh bread) and hence the sweeping hair, arms and loose rendering of the fresh bread loaf."

    My reply is that it is what it is, despite your protest to the contrary. The 2nd commandment was given for a good reason. "Good intent" doesn't make disobedience bring a blessing.